August 2022 Workshop


Day Specifics:

“Wisdom says: be strong, then canst thou bear more Joy.”

Day 1

Day and Time: Friday, August 12th, 7 – 9 pm

Location: Studio A, 2306 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Astral Magick! If all one had were this first class, the creative experimentalist would have enough to sustain their efforts for a long time. We will address the two essential concerns of where and how to look for visions. Based largely on the fruitful methods developed by acclaimed actor and teacher Michael Chekhov, this workshop will awaken the powers and potential of the Memory Body, or what is more commonly called in various occult traditions the Body of Light. Using the physical body as an assist to this process, short investigations will be made of the planes immediately above and below the normal, pedestrian level of awareness. This investigation will include a simple, powerful method of warding and summoning. The evening will finish with a practice designed to merge the physical and visionary bodies into a single organ of perception and expression.

Day 2

Day and Time: Saturday, August 13th, 7 – 9pm

Location: Studio A, 2306 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Various traditional Gateways, or portals to other levels of consciousness, will be explored today. This exploration is traditionally understood as a means to initiate ‘intercourse’ with non-corporeal intelligence, and it parallels the efforts of actors, playwrights, and creative writers in channeling wilful, independent ‘characters’. For this workshop, we have adapted the powerful creative writing exercises of Maria Irene Fornes, one of the great contemporary American playwrights. These techniques provide a way to connect with ‘otherness’ and facilitate projecting ever greater distances from the parochial self. The ultimate goals of this practice are the deconstruction of the personal ego and the expansion of consciousness through association with beings possessed of superior perspective and knowledge. In the Magickal community, the highest expression of this ambition is known as the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Day 3

Day and Time: Monday, August 15th, 7 – 9pm

Location: Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

Like the physical body, the Memory Body can be improved; in fact most magickal traditions include strategies aimed at this restoration. Greater integrity and refinement of the Memory Body is necessary in order to achieve the fullest potential of any magickal practice. The techniques presented in the first two days of this workshop will promote this development, but this third workshop is devoted to a more focused and traditional method of enhancement, the Magickal Eucharist. To this end, participants will learn, rehearse, and perform a version of the Magickal Eucharist ritual that is based on traditional practices. Participants will then be able to incorporate it into their own post-workshop practice, and in addition we will deconstruct and analyze it to provide the tools for future adaptations. With this final technique, participants will have the means of realizing the immanent divinity latent within embodied life, which is the ultimate goal of the Performance Movement Magick workshops.

General Workshop Information:

First, an update & the obvious: it has been a frustrating few years because I would very much have liked to have given more workshops and classes but this was not in the cards, even as we all waited for better days that kept not quite happening. What it seems we have instead are possible opportunities based on the ebb and flow of Covid infection rates, and a growing realisation that we cannot sit on our hands forever. The pandemic numbers are in flux and I am predicting a less dire time for gatherings in August, especially for the careful, the vaccinated, and the determined, which I hope describes all of us in some measure. For this workshop masks are recommended and social distancing will be observed as much as possible to limit the risk of exposure.

This workshop is appropriate for Performers, Artists, and Magickal folk of any stripe; it freely integrates techniques from the performing and creative arts, as well as more traditional occult and magickal traditions. It is non-denominational in that it focuses on technique, with the aim of providing the participant with the skillset and permission to adapt the work to serve and enhance ones own artistic practice or magickal ambitions. As such, these workshops are conceived as something of a Master Class in that I will not be exploring what is possible so much as presenting what has already been discovered.

The work is not conceived of as therapeutic or healing work. It is about doing “more” not less. In imagining this next series I am aware that these classes will involve work that is decidedly more “dangerous” than what we did in the past. Robert’s rule of powerful technique states that, to the degree that something is positively transformative, it has an exact and equal potential to be the opposite. We will be opening some very real doors! We will also be learning how to close them, as well as providing instruction on how to manage whatever may come through, or encountered on the other side. Please feel free to reach out to me with interest, questions or concerns.

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