“Movement is the essence of all magickal gesture and theatrical performance. There is a kind of movement that can change individuals and their relation to the universe, resulting in initiation, transition, and authentic expression. The goal of the Performance Movement Magick workshops is to promote this kind of transformation by first deconstructing movement into its essential elements and then reintegrating them at a deeper level of engagement. Crucial aspects of the work are symbolized by four classical deities: Apollo who stands for the specificity of each unique gesture; Ares who expresses unruly energy and impulsiveness; Hermes who fosters novelty, creativity, and boundary crossing; and Dionysus, who centers us in the inescapable trauma of physical embodiment. The work as a whole happens under the watchful eyes of Hekate, who is the goddess of transitions, and therefore all authentic movement.”

—Robert Allen

Whether you are an absolute beginner exploring the basic elements of an established magical tradition, or you already have a wealth of experience, there is always something more to learn and explore. Designed to enhance and build the capacity for successful and powerful magical workings these classes integrate traditional approaches of the magical tradition as well as the extremely powerful methods and tools used by working professionals in the fields of performance and theater.

Specific techniques and exercises address the performance and choreography of basic ritual; expanding the inner life of the magician as it informs magical gesture; and the development and cultivation of the Memory Body (i.e. body of light). Largely non-denominational, the Performance Movement Magick curriculum is appropriate for performers looking to enhance their expression and theatrical presence in non-traditional ways, magicians interested in establishing and refining their magical abilities, as well as total beginners interested in exploring how this unique approach can enhance their lives.

Current Workshops an Class offerings can be found here.

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