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NEW! Online Tutorials

A total of 5 online classes are now being offered on Vision Magick, each lasting approximately one to one and a half hours.
Requirements: video conferencing capability; payment in advance of each class ($75 each); some inexpensive art supplies…
An initial Interview at no cost will be required for each student; use the contact page to arrange a date and a time. Subsequent tutorials can be scheduled at your convenience.

1. Basic astral projection (memory body) technique
2. Visionary seeing; introduction to invocation
3. Non-traditional gateways; ritual composition; spirit guides; vision analysis
4. Traditional invocation for the artist
5. Into the wild method; rising on the planes; how to progress, or ‘looking for the good fight’


He is himself and yet someone else. Madness has touched him—something of the mystery of the mad god, something of the mystery of the dual being who lives in the mask and whose most recent descendant is the actor.

—Walter F. Otto, Dionysus: Myth and Cult

The Assumption of God Forms is one of the core techniques essential to all Magickal practice, even as the taking-on of character is also the primary action of every actor! Identification with the gods can be traced back to the magickal priest-craft of ancient Egypt. The Greek mystery cults made much of this technique. This was especially true in the ritual practice of Dionysus in so far as western theater itself can be traced back to the Temple grounds of the cult of Dionysus. Identification with the god was the principal means of incarnating the divine energies figured by this deity. Even today, most contemporary magickal practice is ultimately concerned with ‘ecstasis’, the result of a successful invocation of the god of the magician.

This workshop deals with the nuts and bolts of this basic magickal routine culminating in a repeatable ritual. As such, it will focus on Dionysus as the most eclectic and universal of a ‘type of god’ that is mid-form between the more ancient Osiris and the more contemporary Christ, suitable for the transformation of the personality. At the same time our commitment to a non-denominational approach will be preserved since what we will cover can easily be adapted and extrapolated to accommodate any deity. $75

Portals to the Other Side

Day 1
Astral Magick! If all one had were this first class, the creative experimentalist would have enough to sustain their efforts for a long time. We will address the two essential concerns of where and how to look for visions. Based largely on the fruitful methods developed by acclaimed actor and teacher Michael Chekhov, this workshop will awaken the powers and potential of the Memory Body, or what is more commonly called in various occult traditions the Body of Light. Using the physical body as an assist to this process, short investigations will be made of the planes immediately above and below the normal, pedestrian level of awareness. This investigation will include a simple, powerful method of warding and summoning. The evening will finish with a practice designed to merge the physical and visionary bodies into a single organ of perception and expression. $50

Day 2
Various traditional Gateways, or portals to other levels of consciousness, will be explored today. This exploration is traditionally understood as a means to initiate ‘intercourse’ with non-corporeal intelligence, and it parallels the efforts of actors, playwrights, and creative writers in channeling wilful, independent ‘characters’. For this workshop, we have adapted the powerful creative writing exercises of Maria Irene Fornes, one of the great contemporary American playwrights. These techniques provide a way to connect with ‘otherness’ and facilitate projecting ever greater distances from the parochial self. The ultimate goals of this practice are the deconstruction of the personal ego and the expansion of consciousness through association with beings possessed of superior perspective and knowledge. In the Magickal community, the highest expression of this ambition is known as the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. $50

Ongoing Classes

No classes are currently scheduled.
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Portals to the Other Side (August 2022)

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