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“Robert Allen’s work has been a constant source of inspiration for me over the past three years I’ve been fortunate enough to include him in my circle of most beloved teachers. His depth and breadth of knowledge are mind-blowing. He must be the only person on earth who can draw upon expertise ranging from German Tanz Theater to performance theory, to ceremonial magic and Pythagorean mysticism, all with a level of rigor one would expect to find in the most celebrated universities. One of the things I love best about his work is the way he translates abstract mystical concepts into practical somatic experiences. His work embraces all bodies and levels of experience. Those who are new to performance and magic will find a protective and encouraging teacher. Those who are advanced in their practice will find that Robert has a way of taking them even deeper into mysteries they thought they’d already mastered. For instance, I am an experienced magical practitioner with over 30 years of experience, I often lead workshops with hundreds of participants, and yet every time I work with Robert I come away with new tools, and provocative ideas to wrestle with and integrate, not to mention exercises that add richness to my own ceremonies. If you work with Robert, expect to encounter gnostic poetry, invocations of chthonic gods, techniques to travel between the worlds, lessons on the pscho-physical theater of Michael Chekhov, and a level of caring mentorship that would put Plato’s academy to shame. In short, no one will walk away from his classes disappointed. I cannot recommend working with Robert Allen highly enough.”

— Amanda Yates Garcia
Author of Initiated: Memoir of a Witch
Host of the Between the Worlds podcast

“Robert is a passionate and focused teacher who brings powerful creative energy into the room. The classes are very intentionally organized. The course builds on itself as it goes. At the end of the workshop, everything previously presented gets brought together, and the dots connect. I leave inspired and feel like my body is glowing.

One thing I love about Robert’s classes is that I walk away with a journal full of visionary experiences. Following each session, I notice an improvement in my personal creative process. I see my conceptual direction improve, a stronger relationship with forms and my imagination, as well as a deepened connection with my body.”

—Brennan Lowe
Los Angeles based performance artist


Imago News

Most recent: the ThelemaNow podcast about the book and the Performance Movement Magick project is now live! /spacer This follows the Between the Worlds podcast ealier this summer: As well as a text-based interview on the Perseus Arcane Academy:


My Book IMAGO is now available for pre-order through Theion Publishing. Inspired directly by past Performance Movement Magick workshops andclasses it presents an in depth analysis of the method I teach, as well asproviding a step by step set of practices for vision magick (astral projection). Purchasing information can be found here: