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Most recent: the ThelemaNow podcast about the book and the Performance Movement Magick project is now live! /spacerThis follows the Between the Worlds podcast ealier this summer: well as a text-based interview on the Perseus Arcane Academy:


My Book IMAGO is now available for pre-order through Theion Publishing. Inspired directly by past Performance Movement Magick workshops andclasses it presents an in depth analysis of the method I teach, as well asproviding a step by step set of practices for vision magick (astral projection). Purchasing information can be found here:

August 2022 Workshop

Day Specifics: “Wisdom says: be strong, then canst thou bear more Joy.” Day 1 Day and Time: Friday, August 12th, 7 – 9 pm Location: Studio A, 2306 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 Astral Magick! If all one had were this first class, the creative experimentalist would have enough to sustain their efforts for …


In all Western cultures that I am familiar with the god of war was/is a common player. Historical anthropologists might tell you that this type of god is probably one of the very oldest present in any antique civilization. This makes sense since Mars, Ares, Hoor (Horus) has always been a cipher for Energy in its rawest and most immediate manifestation. The color red, blood, and life are other traditional associations of this god.