The elements of Robert’s classes emphasize gestural clarity and physical control; presence and power of expression; authenticity of  experience; and the integration of physical and psychic intention.

Robert H. Allen Bio:


As a Ceremonial Magician trained in the Western Mystery School traditions of Hermetic Kabbalah, Thelema, and the Golden Dawn, Robert unifies his broad depth of experience in modern dance, yoga and theatre with ritualized magical practice.

Recruited at a young age by German choreographer Reinhild Hoffmann’s prestigious modern dance company as part of the Tanztheater movement, Robert toured Europe extensively performing and teaching. He returned to New York, obtaining a Master’s degree from Columbia University in Directing and has since been working as a choreographer, theater director and college professor in New York, Los Angeles and Europe.

Having studied and practiced magic within a direct lineage extending back to Aleister Crowley and occultist Paul Foster Case, he also holds dual teaching certifications with the National Yoga Alliance and the Michael Chekhov method for actor training with the National Michael Chekhov association. His teaching methods include the integration of the mind/body complex, developing greater authenticity in communication, developing theatrical presence and power of expression, and ensemble building for use in group and individual magical, ritual work.



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