What people are saying about Performance Movement Magick Workshops:

From Living the Strange Life:

“There was a ritual, which, as I’m going over the notes he was so kind to give us, is as magickal as you need it to be. It seems based on acknowledging your own personal power (no candles or incense today) and directing that to forces or powers outside ourselves. I say as magickal as you need it to be because of the psychology of priming. It’s where our thoughts are stimulated by certain things (a red apple or anything really), triggering associations we’ve made with those things to come more to the forefront of our mind and affecting decisions we make as long as we are primed. But to me, magick and these rituals we perform for clarity, invocation, wish fulfillment, all stem from the practitioner initiating the conversation. Sometimes the otherworldly can give us quite the push.”

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels –

Performance Magick Workshop